by Wendy

Cheeky Chipmunk

Cheeky Chipmunk

One summer day while feeding the Chipmunks, I forgot to close the screen door. Next thing I knew, there was a chippy in the house. I never really knew how smart they were until that day.

I had left the bag of peanuts on the end table beside my husband`s chair in the living room. To my surprise, little chippy knew exactly where to find the peanuts & made himself right at home. Soon after, he invited his entire family into our house.

Little did we know, this was the start of a daily routine. They always took the same amount of peanuts, two in each cheek, before they would run back outside.

They were SO entertaining!

Every day they sat on "their" little table & filled their faces! They would sit on our knees, shoulders, etc. & loved being hand fed.

They even loved having their pictures taken. One day one little chippy wasn't facing the camera so I said ... "Smile for the camera." He immediately turned & posed.

You can see this in the pictures I have posted.

They really did become part of our family & we named every one of them!

Thank you so much, Wendy, for your lovely story and pictures - I know that Chipmunks are smart, but who knew they were so charming!

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Friendly Critters
by: Anonymous

I admit, we feed the chipmunks on our property and they have been known to sit in our laps, in our hands, and even on my shoulder! Two years ago, I started hand feeding the chipmunks and one female was really taken by us. She would even allow us to pet her. And as soon as she'd hear the click of the front door being opened, she'd scamper from wherever she was and be at the front step in record time for a seed treat. When fall came, we started seeing her less frequently and by winter, she was deep in her burrow. The following spring, I was cleaning up the gardens and suddenly, something ran over my foot, stopped, and then stood on their two hind legs in front of me waiting for peanuts. It was the same chipmunk from the following summer (I could identify her because she had a split in one of her ears)! I couldn't believe she remembered!

Wendy's Story
by: Carol

Wendy, that was really good, looking forward to more :)x

Chipmunks by Wendy
by: Dianne

Thanks Wendy:

Chipmunks are cute and lovable animals, easily tamed. Thank you for sharing your story. :)

Great story!
by: n0va59

This story made my day start really nice ..... thanks!

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