Chased by a pack of Coyotes at Guelph Lake

by Bill
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

May 25, 2014

I was hanging out at Tim Horton's one night with two friends of mine, sometime after 1:00 am.

I asked my friends if they wanted to go for a bike ride to Guelph Lake. We rode our mountain bikes up Eramosa Road into the country (highway 24) then turned left on Kaine Hill Rd.

We hung out by the lake, stargazing with my binoculars, and behind us there was a hill leading down to an area of trees that also leads to the Guelph Lake Game Field.

The trees behind us there's a clear area where once in a while I'd see something run by left to right, I was thinking it was a Deer.

I didn't say anything to my friends, so we hung out there for an hour and 30 minutes until we heard a Coyote howl. I told my friends that we should go, as we rode our bikes back to the highway stopping at the stop sign at Kaine Hill Road and the 24 highway so I could turn my back light on (my friends didn't have any lights) then we heard the Coyotes howling more and getting closer so we started riding up the highway back to town.

As we were riding up the road we heard a pack of Coyotes howling and running straight for us, running through the field towards the highway.

One of my friends decided to ride ahead and almost got attacked until I turned on my 15 watt headlight then the three attacking Coyotes backed off down to the ditch.

At this time you could hear the rest of the pack running at us. We caught up with our friend and I told him to never do that again, I told them both to Not Show Any Fear What So Ever or it's all over for us.

We rode as fast as we could, both of them were riding close to me because I'm the one with the bright light, while the Coyotes were running full stride just up from the ditch.

As we got closer into town approaching street lights, the Coyotes were still running after us until we were in a well lit area then they ran off a short distance in the woods.

These Coyotes were BIGGER than regular sized Coyotes and were more grey in color and longer legs like the Grey Wolf (Timber Wolf) they had NO FEAR of humans.

Always Remember This: If a Coyote can't smell you, they will go down wind to pick up your scent, then they slowly move in on you.....

That's what they were doing when I saw them down the hill in the open area of trees by the Guelph Lake Games Field at Guelph Lake.

No more late night rides to Guelph Lake!

My goodness, that must have been terrifying!

I'm wondering whether what you experienced was a group of Coy-Wolves - Coyote / Wolf hybrids? What you experienced is not typical Coyote behaviour and your description sounds more wolf-like.

I hope lots of people in your area read this and do not go out into the woods at night!

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by: Stephanie

That sounds like a scary experience! I'm down in the south end and have seen coyotes on Kortright between Gordon and Rickson. I have heard in the Westminster Woods area where I am now, that they have become an issue and some small dogs have been killed. I also used to hear them from Fife and Whitelaw area, howling at night.

Chased by a pack of Coyotes at Guelph Lake.
by: Bill

It was a very scary situation, I found a picture online that looked very similar to what chased us and they were Coy-Wolves, a whole pack about 10-15 of them. I'm 42, I have lived in Guelph all my life and been out in the woods many times and I used to enjoy night time trail riding on my mountain bike until my friends and I got chased and good thing we weren't on the trails cause it would have been bad for us... I hope everyone in Guelph see's my post too, you really don't know what's out there at night until you least it expect it. Be safe out there!

by: Carol

You had me right there with you reading your post. I was clinging to every word. Happy you made it out safe.

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