Cat Killers

by Kim
(Campbellford, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Trent Hills, Ontario (Campbellford).

For many years I have taken in "dropped" cats and foster cats also. They are all well cared for, and some have been here on our farm for years.

I have lost 15 cats in the last 6 weeks to coyotes.

They are coming onto the porch of our house and taking the cats in the night.

I've never had this problem since we moved here. I'm pretty much sick over this to lose my cats, but 6 of them we have just had spayed/neutered making it even worse.

Coyotes are a definite problem in this area right now.

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Save your cats
by: Anonymous

After losing 2 cats to them, we stopped letting the cats out at all. The coyotes quickly learn where they can get an easy meal, and rest assured they will keep returning until you have no cats left. Please put them somewhere safe where the coyotes cant kill them, day and night.

by: Kim

Anonymous, I'm not going to argue with your comment, but these coyotes have been caught on camera coming onto the porch of our house to grab the cats. I think this behavior is not only bold, but not something one usually sees a coyote do. My other thought is that we have two small children, and if the coyotes are coming that close to our house, I'm scared for my family.

The hunters have helped control the coyote population over the winter thankfully, and my hope is that the problem will not exist any longer.

Note: To date 23 cats killed by coyotes on this farm alone.

It's part of nature
by: Anonymous

Sorry your cats were killed, but it is part of nature. People have upset that balance. Thought you might understand that from living in a rural town.

Barb here - just to let you know that I don't write these comments, I just publish them!

I wonder whether it might be possible for you to make some kind of enclosure for the cats? Something with a small door, that a Coyote couldn't get through, and where the cats will be safe overnight.

I'm sorry about your cats as you obviously care about them very much.

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