Famous Canadian Sports Personalities

Many sports personalities have brought fame and fortune to Canada, some have made Canadian sports famous - some of them are listed below.

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Jacques Villeneuve Racing driver

Wayne Gretzky Hockey player extraordinaire

Gilles Villeneuve, (1950-1982)

Kurt Browning

Toller Cranston

Brian Orser

Donald Jackson

Elizabeth Manley

Cynthia Phaneuf

Jennifer Robinson

Jamie Salé & David Pelletier, pairs, Olympic Gold

Emanuel Sandhu

Barbara Ann Scott, Olympic Gold Medal

Elvis Stojko

Barbara Wagner & Robert Paul - (pairs)

Tracey Wainman

Ian Millar (born 1974), owner and rider of Big Ben

Don Cherry

Tim Horton


Guy Lafleur

Mario Lemieux (born 1965), player/owner Pittsburgh Penguins

Eric Lindros

Mark Messier (born 1961), starred alongside Gretzky during Edmonton Oilers dynasty

Bobby Orr (born 1948), considered by many to be the best ever, revolutionized the role of a defenseman becoming the first to win the scoring title (twice).

Maurice Richard (1921-2000), "The Rocket," first player to score 50 goals in a season

Patrick Roy (born 1965), all-time NHL leader in goalie wins and games played

Steve Yzerman, (born 1965)

Silken Laumann

Gaétan Boucher four-time Olympic medalist - 1980, 1984

Marilyn Bell, first person to swim Lake Ontario

Victor Davis (1964-1989), Olympic swimming champion

Mark Tewksbury, Olympic Gold Medal

Alexandre Despatie, World Diving Champion

Donovan Bailey, (born 1967), sprinter, former 100m world record holder

Ben Johnson, (born 1961), sprinter, disqualified from Olympic gold medal for doping

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