Canadian Possums

by Bruce Stevens, Jackie, Virginie, Don,
(Whitby, Barrie, Oakville, Lindsay, Trenton, Midland)


Several of our readers have reported seeing Possums ...

We spotted a Possum in our back yard in Whitby, Ontario February 4th 2014. Our small dog wanted to chase it but it just wandered off and found a hole on the back yard fence. I did not allow our dog (very small) to chase it not knowing if it could be vicious. I have never seen a Possum in Canada before. This one appeared to have a sore paw and was limping when it wandered off.

Jackie from Barrie, Ontario, says ..... On December 19, 2013 there was a Possum on the fence in my backyard in Barrie, Ontario. At first we thought it was a Raccoon, but it was a possum with a long round tail.

Virginie from Oakville had a backyard visitor and wrote to say ..... Just saw one around 9 pm in my snow covered backyard, he's now hiding under the deck.

A reader near Lindsay, Ontario says ......on January 11 2014 around 5:20 pm I saw a Possum in my carport. I live in Manilla, not near Lindsay and the animal disappeared before I could grab my camera

Don from Trenton, Ontario tells us ..... I was walking into the house today and saw one behind our garbage cans. At first I thought it was the biggest rat I'd ever see but after looking at these pics I'm sure it was a possum. It headed next door into a neighbours shed.

A reader from Midland, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... There was one at my bird feeder at 3:00 in the afternoon, it looked pretty old lookin' and we managed to take pictures of it.

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