Can someone help?

by Bonnie
(Windsor, Ontario)

Bonnie, one of our readers from Windsor, Ontario, has a question for the Birdwatchers among our readers - Well, Spring is here, the Robins are back and my feeder is going crazy.

This morning I spotted a different bird in the feeder, but I am not sure what it is. I hope someone can tell me because it really has my curiosity up and it now appears that I have a pair.

The full cap of this bird is tan colour while the rest of it's body is a blue black. It is a little larger than a common Sparrow. In fact it was in the feeder with the Sparrows.

If anyone knows could you please post it. Thank you!

Thank you for posting this, Bonnie, I don't know what this bird could be, but perhaps one of our readers will know.

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Cow Bird?
by: Anonymous

It sounds like a Cow Bird. The adult lays its eggs in Sparrow nests and the poor Sparrows have to raise this monster chick.

It usually kicks the Sparrow babies, or the Sparrow eggs out of the nest.

You can tell I don't like this bird!!

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