Bruce Trail

by A Reader
(Waterdown, Ontario, Canada)

Monday September 17, 2012.

So, I was biking with my brothers on the Bruce Trail today (location Waterdown, Ontario).

It was getting dark by the minute about 7:10 pm, and we were heading home.

It got a bit darker and we heard Wolf howls.

There was definitely more than one. I was so scared for my and my brothers lives.

Anyways, we quickly biked down the path and stopped at a man's house, where we then got directions to the nearest main road.

Wow, that must have been scary!

I will post this on our facebook page.

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Wolves - Coyotes
by: Jane Gateman

I walk in the summer, fall, spring on a trail that surrounds the area where I live. I have seen a Coyote walk across the trail several feet ahead of me, and enter the surrounding woods. He didn't seem interested in me. The time would be around 10 am.

Again, I observed a blonde fox cross the trail a distance ahead of me, and enter the woods. The fox didn't appear interested in me.
One winter day when I was out cross country skiing, to the left of me I observed a beautiful Grey Wolf running past me, in the woods.

He was on the trail ahead of me, and heard me long before I saw him. He knew I was there and was avoiding me. He didn't want any contact with me. This would be about 15:00 in the afternoon.

You can hear the wolves and coyotes howling as early as 17:15 on the trail areas. I have observed the feather remains of a duck kill to the right of me on the trail.

I was out on the trail the past three days. Jan. 2, 3, 4/2013, and have observed fresh Wolf/Coyote tracks on the trail, and crossing the trail, and of into the woods.

These animals don't seem to be interested in me; however, should I stop going out on this trail for the concern that there could arise an attack on me. I am going out on the trail earlier in the day, from 12:00 Noon to 14:00 to try and avoid these guys, avoiding Dawn and Dusk........ Their peak times for food hunting.

I am feeling increasingly uneasy lately, especially with the fresh tracks around the time I am on the trail. I love the woods and out on the trail every day for about two hours, and it makes me feel sad to not be able to walk/ski every day.

What do you think I should do? Do you have any advice?

I think you are wise to be cautious, and avoiding the trails at dawn and dusk is a good idea. Perhaps our readers will have more ideas for you.

by: Anonymous

Not Wolves. Coyotes. No Timber Wolves this far south.

Wolves howl to communicate with other Wolves
by: Anonymous

Wolves are harmless, chances are if they smell humans close by they will take off the other way. Wolves are shy and don't want any contact with humans. I myself have heard wolves howling while riding the trails with a friend of mine at Guelph Lake usually late at night after midnight (yes I am from Guelph). Wolves howl to communicate with other wolves, a wolf can hear another wolf howling as far as 6 miles away.

Next time you're out riding the trails with your friend and you hear wolves howling don't be scared cause wolves are more scared of humans than we are of them and remember if wolves smell humans close by they will run off the other way and will not bother you.

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