Brownish-Grey Cougar-like Cat

by Sara W
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I was driving northbound on Woodward Avenue in Hamilton, turning onto the Burlington Street ramp and when I was halfway on the ramp I looked to my right and saw a very large cat.

Possibly a bit larger than my Husky, but not so bulky.

It was a brownish-grey and its ears were more round, but pointed at the tip (fluffy too).

It's tail was as thick and as long as a Cougar's tail would be.

I stress it was no regular sized cat.

I was driving slow and had a good look of it and could tell it was no Coyote either.

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Cougar type large cat on Woodward
by: Anonymous

Saw the exact same animal at the same location. Sun was just setting, when this large cat leapt in front of my car. It sprang out of the brush and across the road, in what appeared to be in one big leap. I’ve never seen Coyotes move with such speed and this animal appeared more muscular. Was travelling from Hamilton to Burlington.

by: Anonymous

Sounds like a Lynx.

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