Broad-winged Hawk Sighting - Southern Ontario

by Tom Maxsein
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Ajax, Ontario. Our house looks out onto a small wooded area that has a creek running through it.

We have a small bird feeder that attracts lots of small birds.

Today I saw a 1'6" Broad Winged Hawk typically stalking it's prey like a cat, sitting on our backyard fence.

Wow, I'd love to see a picture of that - keep your camera handy and send us a picture if you can - I'm sure our readers would like to see that too!

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Wow - rare sighting lucky you!
by: Anonymous

I also saw a Broad Wing Hawk last week at the Fanshawe Lake dam in London. I did get a couple of pictures that weren't that clear but that helped me identify it.

I reported the sighting to ebird Canada, apparently it's a rare sighting and I am just waiting for their experts to confirm it!

I am excited to know that you also saw one.

I'll post my pictures on here later today - I'm responding now on my iPod and I can't post a pic from it!

More confirmation along with the robin sightings of an early spring?

That's how I'm going to chose to interpret it!

Thanks so much again for letting us know!

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