Broad Wing Hawk?

by Steve
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I live in downtown Toronto about 2 blocks from the DVP.

My backyard is a small (15'x85') and the 3 houses next to mine are the same.

We have a large brick wall at the end of our yards and a large windbreak to the North, so the yards are very quiet, protected and sort of hidden.

Today, March 28 2014, around noon, I saw what I think was a Broad Winged or Red Tailed Hawk perched on my fence just preening.

I know he saw me as I went out with binoculars for a close up. I was maybe 40' away, I went inside to get my camera but he was gone when I went back out.

I see plenty of hawks around here, but this was a first in my yard.

Thank you, Steve, for your fabulous photograph of the hawk - I'm not sure what type it is, but I'm sure one of our readers will know!

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Bird of Prey
by: Mark Jay

I did spot a bird of prey as he was checking out my dog, I was looking for the red tail but didn't see one, and it was brownish/beige in colour, so I was wondering what kind it was. Located in Brampton, Ontario.

Red Tailed
by: Joey

That is a Red Tailed Hawk. Broad Winged do not have the red tail like that and other specific features this bird has. Beautiful Red tailed!!! Congrats - great capture.

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