Brampton Coyotes

by Davidson & James Potter and other readers
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

Brampton Coyote

Brampton Coyote

Thursday, December 1, 2016 - one of our readers said ... just back from walking the dog in Rosedale Village and there was a Coyote roaming behind the clubhouse in the parking lot. A lady walking two bigger dogs managed to scare it enough otherwise our little dog may have been in bother.

Another reader reported - Coytote spotted twice in two weeks ... it was in the same area, approximately at the same time, which was about 3 am. The coyote sprinted across Dixie Road into Crescent Hill Street area. Both times it did the same thing. Scary since it's so close to a residential area full of children.

A reader said ... I was walking my dog at night and stopped a few meters before I reached the park right beside my house. Sometime between 12:30-1 am pack of Coyotes howling at the park followed by high pitch yips ... so scared that I froze in place till it was silent night and then practically ran home.

Davidson & James Potter said ... In the large bushy area by the creek by David Suzuki school, it sounded like a pack of Coyotes caught something. Very close to residential area. Must have been 3 or 4. Howling after a catch, it may have been a deer, I think I saw some hoof prints in the snow.

Anon said ... Countryside and Bramalea Rd, I cannot believe reading all these posts! I was coming home from work January 5th at 1130 pm, the house faces a ravine and as I walked towards the house I heard shuffling behind me. I turn around and see a WOLF staring me in the eyes! I remained calm and just looked it. I tried to sneak my phone to make a video without taking my eyes off of it but couldn't do it in time. It moved away towards the ravine, and another one followed. This is the first time I've ever seen them so close. I have only heard the howls before and figured it was closer to Mayfield and further north.

A reader who is concerned said ... I saw 5 coyotes at Creditview and Sandalwood and they stayed in that area all night.

A reader said ... Coyote off Silver Maple Court ... For the past few days, me and my family have heard a Coyote howling multiple times during the morning, middle of the day and night. This one is hanging out in the small forest area right off of Silver Maple Court. Also off Lisa Street and Clark Boulevard. I don't think this one poses much of a threat but I wanted to comment to warn others in the area to keep their pets and kids safe. This one hangs out between all the buildings and wanders the trail around the small pond and park.

Valleyway / Creditview Coyotes ... On Jan. 20, 2017, I was walking my small dog across the street from the ravine near St. Roch SS and heard what sounded like a large pack if Coyotes howling frantically in the ravine. I was scared for my dog and rushed home. I might buy a spray but have beard if there is wind it can blow back at you and make a situation even more dangerous.


Almost every night if I am outside after 11 pm I hear coyotes howling very close to me (within 150 feet). I live in the newly built subdivision between Chinguacousy and Mississauga Rd south of Queen and north of Steeles. There is still quite a bit of wooded area left around our houses and I guess the nearby Credit River provides good habitat. City warning Signs about Coyotes are up on the paths near our homes. Spooky

A reader said there is absolute chaos in the ravine ... Coywolves howling out of order and aggressively at least 6 or more separate howls all at the same time around 2 am. Coywolves are more dangerous than Wolves and more deceptive than Coyotes. This super breed could pose a problem. The howls were wild and eerie unlike anything I had ever heard. Sent chills down my spine. Dusk drive off of Chinguacousy.

My yard backs onto Loafers Lake and when walking our beagle have found evidence of Coyotes (or Wolves) hunting and killing deer in the forest behind Pizza Hut and the bridge on Sandalwood. The first time was in the fall and sometime between dusk last night and early morning today (Feb 17/17). There is a blood trail along the creek heading north. You can see by the tracks and the torn pelt and fur that there were at least several Coyotes (one very large) and a couple of attack sites not far apart. Last fall, our dog found a leg and some of the skeleton of a large deer in the same area.

I keep seeing two Wolves or Coyote-like creatures heading down the train tracks into my backyard. Around Queen and McMurchy a little unsettling at first. Common now, may have something to do with the family of rabbits that resides in my yard.

A Coyote killed my Pug ... my house backs onto a ravine at the northwest corner of Mcvean and Castlemore and my dog got attacked and killed by a Coyote about 25 feet from my back door. Keeps your Pets inside.

Just saw one cross the Sandalwood Parkway near Heart Lake area!

Saw a dog-like creatures barking at night from the condo building ... these are obviously Coyotes in the forest cum creek area just under Ray Lawson bridge between Hurontario and Mclaughlin...there are no stray dogs in this area.

Saw another Coyote while driving to work at 3 am in the morning. It was Export Blvd area between Kennedy and Hurontario in Mississauga just before the stop sign on Export Blvd Road. It was snowing plus night time ... scary.

I live on Cherrytree Drive off of Ray Lawson, very close to Sparrow Park. Last spring, I saw a Coyote zip across the road in front of my house while I was sitting on the front porch at about 3 in the morning. There was heavy rain at the time. I was not sure I had even seen something until I saw it casually jog back the other way again. It was neat.

March 20 2017 Just saw a Coyote/Coywolf while walking my dog at Etobicoke Trail at 3:50 ish pm. My Dog picked up on the predators scent and was pulling in that direction however for my dogs safety and mine we headed home. Lately I have been hearing a lot of attacks on smaller animals in my area and overall Brampton as well. My dog is a Victorian Bulldog mix who weights around 60-70 pounds and I'm sure he can handle one, but I don't want to find out. If there is a pack in the woods you should be careful especially if its late at night. I warned a few Dog owners who were headed in the direction where I saw the Coyote/coywolf. I say Coywolf because it was bigger than a normal Coyote and made my dog look small.

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