Brampton Coyotes!

I've spotted a Coyote in Brampton, Ontario, about three times in the past year and a half.

I didn't even know we had these creatures here. I have a small dog (Corgi, 22 lbs). Should I be worried?

1st time (summer of 2010) - crossing Edenbrook hill drive going west at approximately 10 pm, I believe he/she was headed over to the fountain area (streaming from the creek river just behind Bovaird and McLaughlin). It was a fairly large sized animal.

2nd time (mid October, 2010) - My Fiance and I were on our way to work when we saw a greyish colored Coyote crossing Airport rd just before queen st, once again headed west. This was around 7:30 in the morning.

3rd time (June 2011) - I was opening a window just before bed around 1:20 am when I saw a small sized Coyote (maybe 20 pounds) running on the sidewalk on Edenbrook Hill Drive, going north towards Sandalwood.

By the time I got my smart phone to take a video, I was too late :(

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Learn to co-exist
by: Anonymous

You should only be worried if you leave kids and dogs unattended where a coyote could get them. They are more scared of us than we are of them. Unfortunately with us cutting down all the forest lands to make more housing, they have nowhere to go. We have to learn to co-exist peacefully with them. Make sure your backyard is secure and if you see one, don't run, make loud noises or shine lights at it and it will run away. Panicking is the worst thing to do. It is a wild animal but it means no harm so don't bring it any.

Hybrid Coyote - Coy-Dog Problem!

The Coyote problem in Brampton is no joke!

If you live around the Conservation Area this is a very SERIOUS PROBLEM.


Coyotes and small pets
by: anon

Farmers in Owen Sound and Durham area have lost many sheep due to coyote predation. Google any coyote website. Problem is all over North America.

I live in Southwest Ontario, 45 min. out of Windsor. We hunt them all winter. We have taken over 60 animals the last four years. They are competing for food, ie, pets, livestock and deer.

If you know that you have coyotes in your area and you have small children, yes I would be worried for their safety.

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