Bobcat or Lynx Sightings

by Mark, Karina, Valerie, Noreen, Jake, Robert, Chad, Cheryl, Diana, Candice, Dennis, Tim
(Gatineau PQ, Rideau Lakes, Picton, Hamilton, Dundas, St Thomas, Port Carling, Burlington, Grey-Bruce, Selby, Hamilton, North Bay)

We have received several possible Bobcat or Lynx sightings, check them out below ...

Mark from Gatineau PQ wrote ... I saw what was probably a Bobcat or Lynx in my backyard about a week ago. It saw me too and laid down in the snow to hide but I could see its huge ears sticking up. I live in Gatineau (on about an acre), across from the Baie McLauren Conservation Area on the Ottawa River. I threw 5 pounds of carrots by my wood shed because there's rabbits living under it. I think the cat is eating the rabbits.

Karina from Rideau Lakes said ... Hi, just have seen today on Friday Dec 17 a wild cat in the forest near Rideau Lake. Looked like a Bobcat, but I am not sure exactly. It was about 40-50cm inches tall. When it noticed myself moving it ran away to the forest super fast. Hope it's helpful. Thanks

Valerie from Picton said ... September 30, 2021 at 6:51pm - The sun was setting or down. I was driving east on Ben Gill Road and just before the sharp corner at Doxsee Road I saw what looked like an animal’s body resting in an unused field of high grass. I thought it was a calf or an adult goat. A head came up and looked my way and I could see the cat's face, tan colours with very defined black lines and large black tufts of fur at the top of each ear.

Noreen from Hamilton wrote ... Guys, I was placing our recycle bins outside on my front yard, and then I suddenly hear something moving behind me, at first I thought I was tripping then I hear it again, so I take a look cuz I thought that it was a HUMAN BEING just walking on the side walk, but then I see something huge moving on my neighbour's front yard! OUT OF NO WHERE I SEE A BOBCAT jumping and running towards me, it chased me till my home door, I think my screams woke up the entire neighborhood. That was the scariest thing I've ever experienced in my life, but then I ask myself how would a bobcat chase me when they are shy and avoid people, but then it hits me that this bobcat might have rabies and that's when they become aggressive. THAT SHIT WAS HUGE AND SCARY, I almost had a heart attack, my heart rate hit 170 beats!

Jake wrote to us in February 2022 ... Hiking Hamilton Ontario escarpment trail. Came across a big cat paw track. I wish I had my phone but I didn’t. Tracks definitely are cat. Toe print compared to my finger was 1” wider in each side. The main paw track was as larger than a males fist in a ball. Tracks came from The country and approached new houses development and turned back. There is a well known deer highway as well. I was going to go back today to photo my evidence but it has started raining. All the research I can find says it’s larger than a Lynx…

Robert from Dundas wrote ... right outside the Dundas Community recycling center in the back field I was walking and saw one come out of the fence of the recycling center. I had only ever seen Coyotes and Deer back there until tonight.

Chad from St Thomas wrote ... while driving in Southwold Twp tonight at around 10:00 pm tonight me an my buddy witnessed a Bobcat run across the road an slowly go up the hill when it made it to darkness I am a hunter an know 100% it was in intact no Coyote or house cat as it had a long slender body an a very small tail that wasn't noticeably there or long to compare to a Coyote

Cheryl from Port Carling reported seeing a Bobcat ... Several sightings during the day and at night since June 2021. Along a stream towards a lake. Big Joe Road area.

Diana from Burlington said ... in January 2022 I saw a bigger than usual, thick, fat, and furry cat at Burlington Costco parking lot. It had funny ears and what appeared to be a black nose area which stood out on its white fur with black stains. No, it couldn't have been a regular house cat. It was bigger, longer, it was thicker, puffier, and definitely not friendly enough to wait for me take a proper photo. It was confusing enough for me to attempt to read about this on Google.

Just found this page. Candice from the Grey-Bruce area wrote ... I just found this page - bBack in 2016 we were driving home to Mildmay from Point Clark one night in late November. Part way up concession 6 I told my husband to slow down because I could see something odd on the side of the road. It was definitely a Lynx, it went from sitting to standing like it was going to head across the road. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen but definitely surprised to see one in this area!

Dennis M from Selby wrote ... I was scanning through a new batch of pictures on my trail camera, deleting shots of rabbits, raccoons and birds, when I noticed a subtle change in the landscape. I zoomed in closer to see the image of a big cat. Bad lighting and limited contrast to its surroundings, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, initially. The first picture looked like a cougar but the second image is more certainly a Lynx. Unbelievable to capture such an amazing creature on my property.

Tim M from North Bay wrote ... Seen swimming and then exiting the water. Around 7pm on Trout Lake east of North Bay.

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Bobcat twice in two weeks
by: Anonymous

Have now seen a bobcat run thru our campground twice in last couple weeks. Very thick legs, stout, big paws. Skulked under neighbour's trailer and then poof, gone for that night

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