Bobcat, Lynx or Cougar?

by Greg McCamus
(Flamborough, Ontario, Canada)

These tracks were spotted in our woods in Flamborough, Ontario, just north of Hamilton on December 27, 2016.

Does anyone recognize these prints?

They are obviously pretty big and I wonder what could have made them - canid or feline - what do you think?

I'm guessing that these could be Lynx or Bobcat prints as they are unlikely to be Coyote or Wolf prints because the print is as wide as it is long, as well as the lack of claw marks.

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Bobcat in Dundas Ontario
by: Dean

Back in 2016 I was traveling out of Dundas on hwy8. As I came under the train bridge a Bobcat came out of the forest and crossed the road and jumped the stone wall. I had a great look at it.

Cougar spotted in Troy
by: Mike Bell

A friend of mine spotted a Cougar outside their chicken barn in Troy back in May. Probably not far from you and might have been the same cat.

Cat print ID
by: Frank

First, quite a find and should be reported to your local MNR in Guelph. Of the 3 possible Cats, the Canadian Lynx would be the least chance. A Cougar would have larger tracks. A Bobcat is very possible. Although rarely sighted, they are around. I know a farmer here in Niagara that has one on his property.

Lynx track to my best guess
by: Anonymous

You are correct in saying that it's not a dog track, the dead give away is the lack of claws, but a good way to check is that you can't make an "x" between the fist and 4th toe without cutting part of the heel pad off. Given the size of the print and the area you are in I would give my best guess to it being a Lynx, but there have been reports of there being Cougars in the area.

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