Black Wolf Fanshawe Park at Clarke Road London

by Anonymous
(London, Ontario, Canada )

Black Wolf

Black Wolf

This is a little belated, and I thought that I had forgotten all about this incident. My memory was put into hyperdrive last evening January 9, 2022. My son arrived to visit last night and regaled us with a very exciting Wolf sighting! More about him later ...

I was driving into work along Clarke Rd heading south for a 5:00 am start at work. Suddenly a very large black Wolf running full tilt crossed not more then 20 feet in front of the car! I slammed on the brakes with both feet, never thinking about someone following me, fortunately or unfortunately no one was (no corroborating witnesses!!!DAMN!!)

The Wolf glanced in my direction, but not at the car, large yellow eyes meant mine! The hair stood up on the back of my neck while I sat there dumbfounded, too stupid to get out my old flip phone and snap him!

This was the biggest wolf I have ever witnessed! I wandered the forests of eastern Ontario from the age of 10 and saw many Wolves in the early 1950s and 1960s but never a black one!! Of course everyone said I was insane!

Back to my son 37 yrs old, an avid woodsman, prefers the company of wild animals to people, he says they have respect for their surroundings. Last night he related one of his many animal tails (stories) this one was different!! Past Sunday morning in Fanshawe Park, the very same one, 6:00 am, raining, gray, barely dawn, accompanied by a friend (witness) heading into the thick woods while on trail in an open field, the friend spotted it first, she said "look, a deer, it’s... black!!! My son immediately saw WOLF LARGE 200 LB BLACK, with 7 others, he said he was terrified, can you blame him?

The wolves stopped and sized them up, my son and his friend stood perfectly still for what seemed to be hours, 30 seconds, the wolves turned and continued into the same woods that they were going, which they did, very cautiously, but the pack had disappeared so they could watch the humans!! Son did not see them again, but you can bet he is out there again trying to make contact!!! Oh, he did take a picture of their paw prints, he laid his glove beside the prints, son weighs 235 lbs, has big hands, the paw print was bigger!

Thank you for your submission - I have added it here, rather than as a comment on someone else's report. I also found a picture of a black wolf, I hope you don't mind that I added it here.

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Wolf (Strange)
by: Vince Bury

This happened when I was eight. I was camping on my own in the woods behind my house. I had built a lean-to and was building a fire because night was coming on. I was standing holding a bunch of sticks I had chopped for the fire when I looked up and saw what I thought was the biggest dog I'd ever seen. I froze. It was about twenty yards away and it just stared at me for what seemed like an hour, probably two or three minutes. He walked away as silently as he came. I built up the fire and didn't sleep a wink that night. I'd jump out of my skin at the slightest sound. Never did mention it to dad, never would have gone camping again.

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