Black with Brown Patches

by Jud
(Monkton, Ontario, Canada)

I was canoeing on the Maitland River between Ethel and Brussels, Ontario, when I saw this animal at the rivers edge.

It's head was down, and when it heard us it turned and hobbled off. It looked bigger than a Raccoon, and they usually look at you.

I have never seen markings like this.

Do bear cubs have spots, or are there Badgers or Wolverines in this area.

I saw something similar in this area about 5 years ago and never figured it out.

I have no idea what this animal might be, but maybe one of our readers might know what this creature could be.

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Possible Badger?
by: n0va59

We have lots of Badgers in Ontario and it aounds like it might have been a Bagder or maybe a young Fisher ..... although the colouring and markings sound more like a Badger.

May be an American Badger
by: Tammy Mayer

Wow, are you fortunate to see one (and maybe two?) if indeed it was a badger! I'd love to see one in the wild.

There is a small American Badger population reported to be in, or close to, the area where you were canoeing - in 'Carolinian' Ontario.

They are considered an endangered species in Ontario. Unfortunately, we have almost 200 'species at risk' in Ontario!! Can you imagine?!

Here's a link to the SARO (Species at Risk Ontario) fact sheet pdf on the American Badger. It also includes a range map.

Hope you get some great canoeing in this summer!


Thanks for this info about the Badger! Readers should copy and paste the link into their browser.

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