Birds of Prey sighted

by Lee W, Greg, Kevin, Brenda, Mandy,
(Belleville, Burlington, Hamilton, Dundas, Niagara Falls)

Lee Waterhouse from Belleville January 16, 08:15. ... it was about -18 C today with lightly falling snow. I was outside in my backyard in the Old East Hill area of the city which has 100 year old trees scattered around area. My small poodles were zipping around the yard doing their business. I turned around and saw this very large bird pulling up and landing in my next door neighbour's huge tree. It's body seemed to be a little larger than my forearm with fingers extended. It had an all white chest. I couldn't see it's head clearly with a branch in my way. We watched each other for a bit (my poodles were under cover up at the house). When it flew away I could see darker wings and a fairly big tail that was lighter in colour. I think it must be a Northern Harrier Hawk (male).

Greg from Belleville said ... I was sitting at the Starbucks I noticed two hawks circling at a distance. One eventually landed nearby on a pole. The pole was in the middle of mid height grass and shrub covered field. The hawk plunged down into the field off the pole. The hawk was slightly smaller than a Red Tail hawk, thick body compared to length. Maybe 30-cm torso length. Wings and back very dark grey as was the top of the head. The underside was pure white no noticeable markings. Looked to me like pictures of white tail hawks but they aren’t native to this area. Any thoughts?

Kevin from Burlington wrote ... I was driving in rural Ancaster on Carluke Rd West of Hwy 6, I spotted a Merlin on power lines.

Shawn from Hamilton wrote ... I’m driving this road and seeing raptor birds daily. Today, January 21st I spotted 6 separate birds all of the same species. In each case they were perched on a tree branch. The chest was predominantly white. I guess it is about 14” tall and maybe 4” wide while standing. Are these hawks? I love seeing them but it’s killing me not to know what type of bird they are.

Brenda from Dundas reported ... my husband and I were walking in Greenville near Dundas. We heard the hawk and sighted it flying high then landing on the female high in the trees. They were bonded for 30 to sixty seconds and then the male flew off. The female stayed on the branch. It was great to see. Spring must be coming!

Mandy Kenney wrote from the UK about an unknown bird of prey ... seen on 25th of June at around 10:30am. I was crossing the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls. It flew overhead. Seen later on US side near cliffs.

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