Big Cats seen near London

by Bibi Nielsen and Judy
(Belmont and Corbett, Ontario)

Map showing big cat sightings near London, Ontario

Map showing big cat sightings near London, Ontario

Bibi from Belmont reported ... I had just brought our dogs in from a run in the side field, when I decided to go out and watch the sunset. Just before sunset, I watched a large cat-like animal (beige/tan/orange) run through the field of short corn plants. It continued on quickly, and I could no longer see it. It was a brief sighting, but long enough to know it wasn’t a dog or coyote. It had a long tail (a little bushy), and was definitely a cat species, a medium to large size cat. I felt as though I had just witnessed a modern day unicorn. Not any animal I see often! I’m glad to see that others have had sightings too!

Judy from Corbett wrote to say ... On my way home to Corbett tonight (December 12, 2018), coming from Exeter, I was traveling west on Mount Carmel Drive just past Cassidy Road when I had to slow down to avoid a big cat crossing the highway. It was beautiful, I had never seen one before and was very excited to get home and tell my husband. We researched it and I believe it was a large, full grown Lynx. I'm so grateful to have seen it. It made my day!

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