Bells Corners Sighting

by Rick
(Bells Corners, Ontario, Canada)

I was cycling on the trail between Hanel and the 417 around 6:30 this morning when, what I initially took to be a Coyote because I hear them often enough, crossed the trail a few yards ahead of me with a rabbit in its jaws.

It got about thirty yards into the bush and stopped a minute so we could stare at and wonder about one another before trotting off into the farmer's field.

More curious than concerned for my own safety I followed it round a bend and found it once again stopped and no doubt trying to assess my intentions.

I was now able to see that it was not a Coyote. Of course it didn't stop long and was soon gone I knew not where.

I couldn't quite believe it but Lynx was the only thing that really fit the profile.

Well, after half an hour of walking idly about, I decided to head home and once again coming from the same correction as earlier, I saw either the same or another Lynx ducking back in the direction whence it came. Again I followed. I lost sight for a moment but I could hear it now and then, so I stood still and followed the sound with my eyes.

I was rewarded with one final glimpse then it was gone. I intend to get a photo before Summer's end.

I have seen a Coyote before but this could only have been a Lynx or some other kind of big cat.

Thanks for your report - if you do get a picture of this animal, please send it to us, or notify me by completing the "Contact Us" form on this website, and I will then add the picture to this report.

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