Beautiful Baltimore Orioles

by Dodie
(Port Dover, Ontario, Canada)

Dodie from Port Dover wrote to tell us about her Oriole sightings and sent these beautiful pictures, she said ... I took these photos over the summer 2022 in Port Dover, Ontario.

Cindy from Welland wrote to say ... a pair of Baltimore Orioles sighted July 3rd, in Welland, Ontario. Male was courting the female, flying around her, displaying fanned tail and bowing. But isn't July a little late in the season for mating?

Another reader wrote to say ... in 2021, we had an Oriole feeder on the front window in our courtyard. We back onto the Thames River in Byron Valley Park in London Ontario. The Orioles actually lined up to feed. First stop, a chair in our courtyard after having admired themselves in our outdoor mirrors. 2nd spot was the hand railing about 10 feet from the chair. Third position moving up the food chain was our feeder of fresh orange & grape jelly on our window. From inside, we were able to be within 4 feet of the feeder. AMAZING !

Thank you for sending these wonderful pictures! I am adding a couple of other reports of Oriole sightings from our readers.

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