Beautiful Baltimore Oriole

by Heather
(NW edge of Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Male Baltimore Oriole

Male Baltimore Oriole

We have a nesting pair of Baltimore Orioles this year. They have been daily visitors since early May, it is now the end of June.

We always have several migrating through in May, but this pair has stayed, possibly because it has been a cold spring and things are delayed, and we provide fresh oranges each day.

They tend to be territorial about the oranges but I assume they are a breeding pair.

We also have Rose-breasted grosbeaks staying this year, and they also usually only migrate through.

We are on a farm with groves of mature mixed deciduous and evergreen trees, on the NW edge of Kingston, Ontario.

Thank you for sending this report and the picture of your Baltimore Oriole.

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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