Bear in my backyard

by Leahann
(Port Perry, Ontario, Canada)

Lake Skugog, Port Perry
July 3, approximately 7:00 pm

The bear was in my backyard, the dogs were luckily in the house at the time although we had just been out there 10 mins earlier putting chicken on the barbecue!

The dogs went ballistic barking from inside the house and must have scared him.

My partner and I looked out the window just in time to see the back side of the bear jumping over the fence at the end of the property and into the forest.

About 2 hours later we discovered our gate at the side of the house had been knocked down - fence post flat on the ground which probably means the bear travelled right across the yard or even came up the lane way from the front of the house knocked the gate down and then made his way into the back - perhaps trying to find that chicken on the BBQ.

It wasn't a baby but wasn't full grown either - hopefully learned his lesson.

Yikes! That is so interesting, I didn't know there were bears in the Port Perry area!

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