Beachville sighting

by Jim Brady
(Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Since Christmas I have seen a Bald Eagle in Beachville on four separate occasions.

The Eagle had a favourite fishing hole, but I have not noticed this magnificent bird recently.

I hope the Eagle is still in your area - please let us know if you see him again!

I have spotted Bald Eagles in the Norwich and Tillsonburg areas, but I'll keep my eyes open on my travels when I am in the Beachville area!

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Two Bald Eagles
by: Richard Clements from Ingersoll

I sighted a pair of Bald Eagles along the river in Beachville today around noon.

Another sighting
by: Julia

My husband works at Beachville Carmuse plant, and one day back in December, just leaving work, driving home towards Woodstock, he saw an Eagle flying overhead.

He was pretty sure that it was a Bald Eagle having noticed a white head and further looking in my birding books for anything else it could have been.

Talking with others at work, they also have seen it and said the nest is there also.

We have tried to see it again since with no luck, but have a good idea where it is (sorry, sort of a secret for the bird's sake)

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