Baldy in Nanticoke/ Norfolk County

by Robert Gypsy Archer
(Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)

I was driving my taxi near the refinery in Nanticoke, when I spotted this eagle flying overhead. I asked my fare if he had ever seen a North American Eagle? No he replied! Look up I said just as the bird swooped across my windshield! I hit the brakes! We nearly collided!

At that point I noticed he or she had talons full of Cotton tail, the Eagle landed right in a field beside us. My passenger exclaimed "That scared the heck outta me"! I laughed! It probably scared the Eagle too! We both laughed!

I grabbed my Handycam and began to film. The Eagle sat for a good period of time, maybe 10 minutes, my passenger asked, why isn't it flying away? I don't know! I said, maybe it's tired from carrying that rabbit around? Just then what do I see, but two red tail Hawks circling overhead! That could be the reason! I tried to get a shot of the pair. but failed, due the fact that images in a LED screen are wiped by sun light!

As we were on a pretty tight schedule we left the scene! From there we went on to Hamilton. As I was waiting in a strip mall parking lot on Upper James, for my passenger to return for our trip home, I decided to stretch my legs! And as I get out of cab what do I see? If it isn't another darned Eagle soaring over an undeveloped lot behind the mall Wow! I thought to myself what are the odds?

I asked a group of folks nearby, "Have you ever seen an Eagle?" A little Girl said, my Grandpa gave me a coin with a Eagle on it! See the Eagle flying over those trees, I asked, she looked up and screamed, Look Mommy an Eagle!! Suddenly all eyes were on the rulers of the skies! there must have been 60 people enjoying the show! I certainly was!

When my rider returned to the taxi I told him what he had missed, he said that's not true! is it? Of course not I said, What are the odds? The following frames were taken from video

Thank you Kindly for reading!

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