Bald Eagles

by J Goodfellow, Donna, Robin P
(Beamsville, Petrolia area, Ontario)

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

J Goodfellow wrote ... Bald eagle in Lincoln October 2 2022, early evening. I was driving on King Street in Beamsville. I looked up and saw a huge bird. Looked again and saw the white head. I followed it to a tree near the parking lot of the horse/riding store on King in Beamsville. I tried to take a picture but it flew towards the field on the corner of Bartlett and King. I drove there and was astonished to see TWO Bald Eagles in the field. When I tried to get closer they both flew off toward the escarpment. What an unexpected thrill!

Donna wrote to say ... I was driving home from Petrolia to Wyoming. In about 4 seconds (which felt like 20) this is what I saw. Just after Discovery Road in the ditch area, I saw what I thought was the biggest hawk I’ve ever seen at first. With one swoop of it wings, from the ditch up about 15 ft to the top of a dead tree it rose so fast. In the downward sweep of its wings I saw the white head and also realized the wings were different. Flying down Oil Heritage Road myself, by the time it registered that I just saw my first wild Eagle it was too late. Man I wish I got a pic of that beauty

Robin P said ... I hope so but ... Ok, I hope everyone saw one as the numbers are beyond low in Ontario. Any impressive bird is a good fun sighting anyway. That said I have definitely seen only one near Killarney Park. It was migrating in November. I confirmed feathered legs and smaller beak. Two other possible near Alban and Algonquin area, one near Franklin Island- although Osprey look giant too from right perspectives, three possible sightings on Bruce Peninsula (migration route) but very likely all young eagles - they are the same size with any distance - both seem huge. I’ve also definitely seen (some with confirmation) a few in BC and the US western mountain areas. Also thousands of young eagles and I can say they are very very hard to tell apart- especially flying. I’ve worked counting eagles on different rivers many years with people who professionally study raptors - and many life long bird watchers- they all have to see the birds clearly to confirm different species. Turkey vultures are very close too from any distance- and they are the ones in groups more then two. Vultures are becoming very populated in Ontario in the last 30 years moving north slowly - so sightings seems new. This page needs some photos or at least seeing the legs and heads clearly. Not trying to say anyone's amazing experience didn’t happen — I’m just trying to get you to next time confirm as these sightings are very important if proven- photos best.

Hi Robin, thanks for your info. I too would love for people to send pictures of their bird and animal sightings, but I receive pictures with only about 5% of the reports I receive. As you see, here are three reports of Eagle sightings here, but there were no photos submitted so I purchased a stock photo.

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