Bald Eagles while driving on highway 7

by Ange
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Sunday and Monday I was driving along highway 7 and I believe I saw quite a number of Bald Eagles (upwards of 5). Is this possible?

The birds definitely had white heads and were quite large.

At first I thought they were Hawks, but when i noticed the white head, I wasn't so sure.

Is there another bird of similar description?

I also saw another large bird with a long neck/head. Does anyone know what that could be?

I also did see Hawks on the drive.

It was pretty amazing to see so many birds of prey in the two days!

The birds you describe, with the white head and tail, sound like Bald Eagles to me, although I have never seen them in groups of more than two at a time, it is possible that it what they were.

I am wondering if the bird with the long neck could be a Great Blue Heron, as they have long necks, but they draw them back when they are in flight.

I was also wondering if they could be Sandhill Cranes, and thought you might find this site interesting as it mentions that the Cranes were on the move north, and were spotted in Ohio in mid-March

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