Bald Eagles sighted in 2013

by Rick and Cecily, A Stewart, Suzanne, Tim, John McCarthy
(Brantford, Holiday Beach, Niagara, Buckhorn Lake, Bayfield)

I was driving towards old Galt on Water Street South on 04/03/13 between Waynco and Myers Roads and out of the corner of my eye, I noted a mature Bald Eagle soaring alongside of me about twenty feet above my car. My daughter and I observed (while driving) for a few minutes before it circled north towards the Grand River. Funny thing is I somehow sensed that I might see one today. The other was spotted three weeks ago as I drove on the 403 opposite Cootes Paradise in Hamilton. It came in for a landing on a light post. Also a fairly close, brief observation. Unfortunately, no photos of either, just excitement to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. I am always scanning the skies.

There has been at least one nesting pair at Holiday Beach for years. In the spring and fall, when the leaves are off the trees, you can see how huge this nest is. We have a camp site off the marsh and frequently see them swoop by and catch a fish. With so many fish in the big marsh, you can see the eagles regularly, resting on a tree stump with full bellies. A couple of years back, the male lost his mate. Next spring he had himself a young female (without a white head) and the chicks kept coming. When the chicks take flight, you can watch as the parents teach them to catch fish and play in the sky above. There was a report of another pair nesting in the park but we have not yet found the nest. With such a big area it may take awhile. People come from all over to experience the annual bird migration from atop the viewing tower here at the park. There are expert bird counters on duty in the fall and it is impressive to watch. In 1974 we had only one confirmed Bald Eagle sighting. In 2011 the count was 201. Holiday Beach Conservation Area was also recently named by Audubon Magazine as the best place in Canada for Hawk Watching – third best in all of North America.

We purchased a 12-acre property last year with a wooded area, a marsh and two ponds. I often see Hawks but this morning I saw three Bald Eagles soaring high in the sky. They descended and flew over the trees then back up again. They headed towards the pond where they landed briefly on the far side before flying off beyond the woods. What a sight!

Two sightings of a Bald Eagle flying over our cottage on Buckhorn Lake off Kawartha Hideaway. At first we thought it was an Osprey but when he got closer, we saw the white head and tail and his wing span was longer than the ospreys around here. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera handy.

On August 7th, 2013, while walking along the beach just south of Centennial Road (off Hwy 21 south of Bayfield, Ontario) a Bald Eagle swooped down at just below tree top height and then carried on flying south along the waterfront. A very spectacular sight!

Thank you so much for sending these reports to us, I know our readers will enjoy them as much as I did!

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