Bald Eagles on the St Clair River

by Kai Sorensen
(Corunna, Ontario, Canada)


Nice to see the comeback of The Bald Eagle right here in my own neighbourhood in Corunna, Ontario.

Most mornings you can watch them feeding right in front of Shell Oil or be lucky enough to get close to them resting on a tree.

Wow, thank you Kai, for sending up your wonderful pictures and your report of your Bald Eagle sighting!

I will be posting this on our facebook page as I know our facebook friends will enjoy it.

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The Eagle was there this morning at 10:15
by: Tina Russell

We were so excited to get to stop in front of the Shell plant on St. Clair Parkway (Corunna) and watch the Bald Eagle as he was diving for fish in the waterway that goes into the St. Clair River this morning! Sooo Cool! I had no idea that they were even in this area, so ran home to google it, and found this post! I hope they nest here and make this home!

Beautiful Eagle
by: Anonymous

I saw a Bald Eagle in front of shell yesterday, Dec 14 2016.

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