Bald Eagles in Wasaga

by Craig Devlin
(Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada)

I went for my usual hike along the river in the provincial park in Wasaga beach, December 13th 2013.

To my complete surprise, there in the trees beside the river, were four ADULT Bald Eagles and around five or six young eagles.

I of course spooked them AND OFF THEY FLEW!!

I carried on with my hike for around an hour before turning around and heading back and to my surprise, when I got back to the spot, all the birds were back sitting in the trees!

It was a "Wow" moment for sure the second time because I was able to get closer!

What beautiful majestic birds they are!

I ended up spooking them again and off they went.

I went for another hike today hoping to see them again with my girlfriend but without any luck!

I am a very lucky person for spotting them once never mind twice in one day! Thanks big guy!

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