Bald Eagles in the area

by Karen, Tim, Paul, Anita, Rosemary, Nina, Tyler, V.J., Angie, John
(Thorndale, Scotland, Peterborough, New Lowell, Grand Bend, Ajax, St Catharines, Princeton, helburne)

Adult Bald Eagle

Adult Bald Eagle

Karen Robinson spotted a pair of Bald Eagles, just north of Thorndale ... Driving up a side-road to Cherry Grove, and a pair of Bald Eagles glide in front of car and land in field close to the road. I stop the car and take a good look. A very mature pair. I have seen eagles on many occasions, in my youth, as our farm near Wheatley Ontario had a nesting pair. This is the first time I have seen an eagle in this area, after travelling here bi-weekly for the last 12 years. I again saw one of the eagles today November 26th, again landing in the field and then taking flight towards the Thames River. I am wondering why the eagles are now including this area in their hunting area and which pair they are?

Tim from Scotland, Ontario, said ... On November 22, I was walking my dog on the trail near Scotland Ontario. Out in the field I noticed two large bald eagles on the ground. They saw myself and the dog so one started to fly the other stayed on the ground for a few minutes. The second one took off and did a large circle around us. He came in low to where they were on the ground and reached out with his legs and talons and picked up whatever they were eating and flew away over the field. It was incredible to see.

Paul from Peterborough wrote ... on a tip from a neighbour, I walked with my son to an area south of Lock 19 in Peterborough, Ontario and spotted a Bald Eagle high up in a tree on the opposite side of the river. A few moments later, it took to the sky, chased by a squawking black bird. We watched the pursuit down the river until it went out of view. It was our first Bald Eagle sighting this far south and we were definitely thrilled!

Anita from New Lowell, Ontario, wrote to tell us of her Eagle sighting ... Around 6:30 pm on October 23, I saw a bird trying to fly out of a tree on our property but it crashed into some of the branches. When It tried to fly away it then hit more branches in another tree and fell to the ground. It was there for about 10 minutes. It was just seemed to be resting. It then flew up and away.

On December 23rd Rosemary Corke from Grand Bend, Ontario, said ... while driving onto Grand Oaks, Southcott, I noticed something large moving in the woods. I slowed down and could see the white head and large beak of a huge bird of prey. It had just killed a black squirrel. I had never seen a Bald Eagle in this area before.

Nina from Ajax wrote to say ... I don't remember the date, but I know it was a Sunday, around 10 am. I was driving in north Ajax/Pickering and saw what looked like a Bald Eagle. I thought it was my imagination! I tried to watch as best I could, but the bird was flying south and I was driving north. What a great sight!

Tyler from St Catharines said ... I've seen a Bald Eagle by the pirate ship three times. Once in a tree, once flying over me and another time flying over the water fishing.

V. J. from Princeton wrote ... twice in the past four days I have seen a bald eagle near the scout camp in Princeton. This morning he was sitting on the side of the road eating roadkill. Sunday morning he was flying over the road by the camp. These birds will always remind me of my brother, who had a bald eagle's nest on his property.

Angie Kotsos wrote to say ... Driving west on 401, I saw a Bald Eagle sitting on a tree near the highway. I was driving too fast to get a picture though.

John Shannon from Shelburne reported ... Traveling on Perth Rd 163 on Dec 23, I spotted a Bald Eagle sitting on top of a tree it was amazing. I stopped and watched for about 5 minutes.

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Golden Opportunity
by: Anonymous

We have a pair here in Lincoln, Ontario. I watched them build this mammoth martini-glass shaped nest. Its on private property and unnoticeable since the foliage came in. Its at the top of a white pine maybe 25m or more. I've seen them at high altitude (3km) which is incredible because you really get the idea of just how large they are. A true spectacle. I've also seen the male a few meters above the farmers field, sometimes with half eaten salmon in tow heading back to the nest. Thank you.

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