Bald Eagles in Southern Ontario

by Rob Lawrence, Rick Horne, Yvonne, Cathy & Dave, Howie, Ursula
(Ridgeway, Arnprior, York Region, Commanda Lake, Uxbridge, Goderich, Sparta, Toronto, Appleton)

Bald Eagle, Ontario, Canada

Bald Eagle, Ontario, Canada

In May Rob Lawrence from Ridgeway, Ontario wrote to say ... March 2016 my wife, granddaughter & myself were driving by Ridgemount quarries, Fort Erie, when we spotted two Bald Eagles flying about the quarry. In the past year my wife & I have spotted a Bald Eagle in the Selkirk area also. Great to see a comeback of these great birds.

Rick Horne said ... May 22 2016, Just returned from watering the lawn and the sighting of a beautiful Bald Eagle. I managed to capture three beautiful pictures against a deep blue sky. Upon viewing the pictures to my surprise I determined the eagle was carrying what looked like a groundhog. Wow, what a blessing today! We live in Arnprior, Ontario.

Yvonne, reported ... in Mid May I saw a Bald Eagle in flight heading south west over Hwy 404 and Steeles Street in York Region. Just to be sure, I looked up "bald eagle in flight" on the web to confirm what I saw. Amazing and beautiful!
20 years ago a Bald Eagle emerged out of the bush behind me and flew low over my head on Vancouver Island ... what a thrill!

One of our readers said ... Three times this spring I have seen an Eagle flying over our cottage on Commanda Lake. I'm thrilled to think it lives nearby and I will see him many times I hope.

One of our readers said ... 23 June 2016. Seen roosting side by side with eaglet perched on edge of large nest. Near chapeau from the river. Very exciting! Bald eagle pair, nest and eaglet

One of our readers sighted a Bald Eagle in Uxbridge ... The eagle flew in over our large pond and landed on a white birch branch which then broke away from its weight. It fell/glided down towards the water then landed on another branch, sat there for 5 minutes and then flew off. It was enormously and majestic and comical when the branch broke.
Cathy & Dave saw ... a Bald Eagle soaring the bluffs north of Goderich, Ontario. Two days in a row now my husband and I have sighted a Bald Eagle soaring below us on the bluff just 25 minutes north of Goderich. We have seen numerous Bald Eagles in Alaska so we were sure of the accuracy of the bird. Our neighbours have also seen it. What a treat.

One of our readers reported ... I saw a Bald Eagle leaving Sparta, Ontario heading toward Port Stanley. Highlight of my 3 day stay as I have never seen one in the wild. Tried to take picture but by the time I got my camera ready, he was gone.

Howie from Toronto reported seeing a Bald Eagle in the "Big Smoke"... From our office tower we were very happy to have an eye-level view of a Bald Eagle circling over Queen Street just east of Spadina... was not expecting that!

Ursula from Appleton wrote to report ... Saturday, July 30, 2016, at about 9 am, my husband and I were running along the Ottawa River Parkway and saw a Bald Eagle perched on the dead branches of a tree between the pathway and the river (west of Woodroff). He/she was a magnificent sight! I looked around to see if any birders were about or if any other people had spotted him, but it seemed we were the only ones to notice the Eagle perched. He didn't move as we continued our run, now inspired to have seen such a spectacular bird.

Thank you dear readers, for sending us your reports of Eagle sightings, I know how much I enjoy them and hope our other readers do too!

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Bald Eagle over Burlington 8/2/16
by: Heidi

Saw some movement through our bedroom window around 9 am on 8/2/16 and looked up to see a Bald Eagle launching from a tree in our back yard. He circled over Lake Ontario for quite a while, coming right over our house, so a I got a pretty good view. My husband, who has lived in the area for 30 years, said he has never seen one, but I grew up near Seattle so I didn't realize it was that unusual. Although I have seen them many times before, each sighting still takes my breath away!

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