Bald Eagles in Southern Ontario

by Mike, Norm, Craig, William, Chris, Mary, Bonnie, Lily, William, Mike
(Barrie, Scugog, St Catharines, Nanticoke, Huntsville, Fenelon Falls, Lake Rosseau, Hamilton, Hawkstone, Montreal, Parry Sound)

Bald Eagle in flight

Bald Eagle in flight

In the past few weeks we have received many reports of Bald Eagles from our readers in Southern Ontario. Here are some of them .....

Mike from Barrie, wrote to say ..... Bald Eagle was seen just south of the Barrie, Ontario, Rowing Club (on Lake Simcoe). It is the first I have seen here, although others say they have seen them here before.

Norm Hayman from Scugog wrote to tell us about his sighting of Scugog River Bald Eagles ..... A few weeks back we saw two Bald Eagles just South of Lindsay, Ontario. Today I saw another just North of Lindsay. Magnificent!

Craig from St Catharines wrote to say ..... I was driving in St Catharines yesterday, December 30th 2014, and saw what I believed to be a large Turkey Vulture flying toward us. It looked all wrong however, and as it came closer I was so excited to see that it was in fact a very big, very healthy Bald Eagle. I'm not sure if maybe this is something I'm late to the party on, but I didn't think they lived around here. But no doubt man, it was a Bald eagle, and it was just Majestic!

William wrote to say ..... I watched nine Bald Eagles on the ice near the edge of the newly open water, it was frozen until the warm weather of late. Such an encouraging sight to see so many at once, just hoping they return today. I am just east of Georgian Bay on Gloucester Pool. They were too far away to get a clear picture, but with binoculars it was clearly them.

Chris wrote to tell us ..... While working at the Esso Refinery in Nanticoke, Ontario, I spotted a Bald Eagle flying overhead looking for lunch.

Mary, one of our readers from Huntsville, wrote to say ..... Having our morning coffee on Sunday morning, my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing not one, but three Bald Eagles. We could not believe it. They flew onto our partly frozen lake. Their wing span was huge and they flew with such grace. This sighting was on December 14, 2014.

Bonnie from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... Driving down highway 35 just before Rosedale and a Bald Eagle flew over the road towards the east. I looked up all the possible birds it could be but I'm positive it was a Bald Eagle.
One of our readers from Lake Rosseau wrote to say ..... On December 28 & 29 2014, I had the pleasure of having the most beautiful Bald Eagle in our bay over the last two days. Breath taking. Unmistakable. Stunning.

Lily from Hamilton wrote to say ..... I was outside in my brother's backyard and saw an Eagle at around 5pm on December 27 2014. Thought that it was a spiritual message from a loved one.

One of our readers wrote to say ..... My house overlooks Lake Simcoe in Hawkestone, Ontario. This morning I saw an American Bald Eagle flying over the lake. It landed in a tree on the edge of the lake on my neighbours property. I could see it preening and watching over the lake for about half an hour. Suddenly another Eagle flew by and the one in the tree joined it and they both flew away in the direction of Barrie. My neighbours have seen these Eagles on many occasions this winter. They told me the Eagles usually winter in Shanty Bay. They have never spotted them in Hawkestone.

William Summers from Montreal wrote to say ..... I was driving back from Quebec City on the Trans-Canada Highway, as I got close to Trois-Rivieres, I looked out the side window and saw a very large bird flying above. At first I thought it was a big crow but I noticed the white head, so I pulled over on the side of the highway. Sure enough it was a Bald Eagle, this I could not believe since I thought they lived only in Western Canada. It was an amazing sight, a beautiful bird. When I got home I looked it up and sure enough the Bald Eagle can be found in the forests of Quebec and New Brunswick. I felt very lucky and excited to have seen this bird in the wild and also in our neck of the woods.

Mike from Parry Sound wrote to report ..... Sitting at my brother's cottage north of Parry Sound late summer, we saw one fly past. He says they have been nesting on the island offshore. Very cool.

Thank you all for writing to tell us about your Bald Eagle sightings - I know our readers will enjoy them as much as I have!

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Bald Eagle sighting on Lake Simcoe
by: Steve McKenzie

We came upon two huge, adult bald eagles on the northeast end of Snake Island yesterday. They were absolutely majestic. We really didn't know they were in the area but suspected. Wonderful to see.

Yes Bald Eagles in Barrie!
by: Anonymous

About a month ago a friend of mine stumbled upon a Bald Eagle nest in the Barrie area. He took me to see it and I was thrilled to see two juveniles in the nest that looked ready to fledge. I captured the parents on video as well as a glimpse of the young. I'd had two sightings high above in the past year just north of Barrie. I believe they must have been the mating pair. The nest was located summer of 2021.

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