Bald Eagles in Southern Ontario

by Chris G, Glen H, Luann, Smashdancer Seven, Ron
(Newmarket, London, Strathroy, Toronto, Barrie, Kitchener, )

Bald Eagle on Mount Albert Road, near Keswick area

Bald Eagle on Mount Albert Road, near Keswick area

Chris G from Newmarket recently wrote to say ... While driving down Mount Albert Road in January, 2014, we saw a Bald Eagle sitting in a farmer's field eating an animal. We also saw one flying a week later in the same area near Woodbine and Queensville side road. What a beautiful sight!

Glen Havenga from London, wrote to tell us ... While driving on Airport Line in Exeter, Ontario, I saw a single Bald Eagle swoop down and then flew parallel to the road just above eye level. I knew that they were around in South West Ontario, but that was my first sighting... Fantastic!

Luann from Strathroy, Ontario, wrote to tell us of her St Thomas sighting ... There is a nest not far from the road on Ron McNeil Line between Wellington and Hwy 3. I visited there a few times in the spring as the Eagles were on the nest. It was awesome!!

Smashdancer Seven wrote to us from Toronto, recently to say ... On Brantford rail trail one early morning, I saw a beautiful little whitewater creek way down in a valley. As I looked for trail down (there wasn't one) I heard loud rustling above. I only saw the rear of very very large bird as it disappeared deep into the brush. Its "hindquarters" were about 2' square, much larger than most birds entire bodies. While I like to believe it was a Thunderbird, my birder friends suspect it was a giant owl, or perhaps it was Bald Eagle????

Ron from Barrie says ... There is a very large nest on top of a hydro pole beside Rama Rd., near conc. 12. I always assumed it was a heron's nest but never saw a bird on it - it has been there several years. On July 18, 2014, I happened to drive by and saw a bird, very large, dark body & white head sitting on the edge of the nest. I am pretty certain it was a bald eagle, my first sighting.

A reader from Kitchener wrote to say ... I just saw a beautiful Eagle fly behind our house, along the Grand River. The sun was shining and its yellow beak, white head were awesome.

Thank you all so much for writing to tell us about your Eagle sightings - I know our readers will enjoy them!

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