Bald Eagles in Southern Ontario

by Heather Boettinger & Jeff Schieven
(Southern Ontario)

We recently received two reports of sightings of Bald Eagles from two of our readers.

Here is what Heather Boettinger had to tell us ... I saw a very large Bald Eagle on the shores of Lake Huron today. I live at the north end of Kincardine, Ontario, and around 9am this morning one was flying over my home. What a fantastic sight to see. Sorry no pictures, I couldn't get in close enough.

Here is what Jeff Schieven from Flesherton, had to say about his Eagle sighting ... I was driving on highway 10 south between Dundalk and Shelburne, and spotted a Bald Eagle crossing over the highway, travelling west to east. This was on February 22nd, at around 10 o'clock in the morning.

Thanks for sending this information to us, I'm sure our readers will be glad to hear of your sightings!

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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Bald Eagle sighting
by: Rob Goyette

I saw a Bald Eagle this morning around 10 am October 29/15. It was circling a farm field looking for pray 2.5 kms south of Flesherton on hwy 10 on the west side of the hwy. It then flew south/east and vanished out of sight. I've seen Bald Eagles in the Timmins area but was pleasantly surprised to see this magnificent bird of prey in my own back yard.

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