Bald eagles in Selkirk Ontario

(Selkirk, Ontario, Canada)


One day in 2012 I was sitting in my tree stand in the late fall while deer hunting. It was a very windy day and the bush was full of wild life.

I heard some rustling above me in the trees and looked up only to see a pair of Bald Eagles sitting in the same tree as I was.

I have always known there is a nest just south of my property but only get to see the birds on a rare occasion.

Also just last summer I was out cutting the lawn around all the barns and when I finally took my eyes off of the grass the same 2 Bald Eagles were staring at me from only about 80' away.

I was absolutely amazed at the size and the beauty of these animals. It seems no matter how many times I see these birds its always a pleasant suprise.

One of the concerns I have presently is what will happen these animals when the windmills are erected. There are 3 windmills currently slotted with in a 1/4 km of their nest.

Thank you for sending this to us. I also have grave concerns about the effect of wind turbines on our bird populations.

The old-fashioned type of windmill, on farms for example, were no danger to wildlife, however, the newer, massive wind turbines we see in wind-farms across Southern Ontario, are responsible for the deaths of many birds.

I hope your Bald Eagles are safe in the future.

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