Bald Eagles in abundance

by Sandy, Susan, Paula, Sue Thompson, Charlie, Scott, Tom Karlson, Bob
(Caledon, Magnetawan, St Thomas, Deseronto, Stayner, Kingsville, Milton, Eagle Lake, Burlington, Mississauga, Keswick)

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles


One of our readers wrote ... Bald Eagle spotted! Just as my wife and I approached her father's place in our car in Northwest Caledon, a Bald Eagle left the tree at the top of the driveway and flew across the road and out of sight at tree level right in front of us, very nice to see.

Sandy B from Magnetawan wrote ... September 20 2022, we are at our cottage in Magnetawan, Ontario and have a single Bald Eagle flying around our property and lake front. He landed briefly in a tree near the property but we were unable to get a decent photo before it flew away. Hopefully will return.

Susan wrote that she had an interrupted dinner ... I walked out back today and was startled by the sound of a Bald Eagle about 20 feet overhead. I think he was going after prey and I interrupted him. That screech was ear piercing! St. Thomas, Ontario 10-18-22.

Paula wrote ... Sitting by the shore in Deseronto, Ontario. I looked up and a Bald Eagle was flying by. There was no time to take a photo. September 11 2022.

Sue Thompson from Stayner, Ontario, wrote ... I was driving to work and saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead with a live meal in its mouth. This was on highway 26 driving between Stayner Ontario and Wasaga Beach.

Charlie spotted an Eagle ... I was in Kingsville, Ontario today around 2 pm. I was sitting at the Lakeside Park and was right near Lake Erie. There were many Ducks on the water and because it was an offshore wind, many seagulls were circling around looking for lunch, and then out of the blue, I spotted a large bird, kind of coasting and circling. It came right over my head and I got a clear shot of it's beautiful wingspan and white head. I have seen many Bald Eagles when I've been in Florida but this was my first one near home.

Scott from Milton, Ontario, wrote ... my wife and I were driving south on Hwy 25 between Acton & Milton on Saturday November 12, 2022. We saw a Bald Eagle perched on the branch of a tree (west side of road). We were pretty surprised, however, we were positive it was a Bald Eagle based on our visits to Mountsberg Conservation area.

Last year Tom Karlson wrote ... I just saw a Bald Eagle at the cottage lakefront on Eagle Lake in Central Frontenac County. It surprised me when it floated down to the lake surface and took off with a fish between its talons. This took place about 40 ft. from where I was standing. Never seen one that close. This time of the year, with Lake Trout spawning along the gravelly shore, the eagle probably took one.

One of our readers said ... Just saw a Bald Eagle flying Upper Middle Headon Road Burlington. This is the second time I have seen one in about 2 months here.

Bob saw Bald Eagles in Mississauga ... on August 13 2022 while driving along Highway 407 at Derry Road in Mississauga I sighted a Bald Eagle perched on top of a tree above a water spillway.

Another reader sighted a Bald Eagle in Keswick, Ontario ... I was walking down a road and a Bald Eagle few past right in front of me. The Eagle was flying quite low about 4 stories high judging from the house that it flew past. It was spotted near the lake in early January of 2023.

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Young Bald Eagle on Aug 28/2023
by: Brian

Saw a young Bald Eagle on a dead tree south of Fergus yesterday.

by: Chros

I have seen Bald Eagles on multiple occasions over the last year and a half by our property in Alliston, Ontario. They love flying over our chicken coop looking for an easy meal.

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