Bald Eagles in Abundance

by Terry, Harriet, Tony, Marianne, Callum M, David, Paul, Theresa W
(Beamsville, Huntsville, Mississauga, Streetsville, Dromore, Glen Eden, Angus, Clayton, Burlington)

Terry wrote ... there is an active nest of 2 Eagles in Beamsville, Ontario, sitting on eggs now.

Terry, I didn't publish the exact location of the Eagles' nest because people have been known to find the nest and steal the young or eggs.

Harriet from Toronto wrote ... I happened to look up as my husband was cleaning the snow off our car in the parking lot of Grandview Hilltop Drive in Huntsville, Ontario (near Fairy Lake) and lo and behold a bird I was sure was a Bald Eagle flew by. Sadly, I didn't have my phone handy to take a picture. When I got back to Toronto, I looked the species up to confirm what I saw, and sure enough, there were the yellow beak, dark body and white head. They apparently aren't common in that particular area, but not unknown. It was a beautiful sight.

Another reader said ... I saw two Bald Eagles today (July 25, 2022) as I was travelling westbound on the 407 approaching Britannia. I saw only one several times last year and after October 2021, did not see one until late May this year. To my surprise I have now seen two from time-to-time in the same spot as always (dead tree on the East side of the 407). There has been some construction around that area and I was worried they were gone as a result. Such an amazing sight when I am able to see one, let alone two!

Tony Heslington wrote ... went to Streetsville July 2022 for a bike ride along the Credit River trail. At approx. 7:15pm I was out of my car and about to unload my bike. I saw something approaching me overhead. It was a very large bird. As it passed over the tree directly in front of me I thought is that an eagle? A Bald Eagle? It flew directly overhead and I turned to watch it on its way. It's wing span was as wide as my arms outstretched, or more. I could believe! That was until I found other comments here. I think I was quite lucky! My poor planning paid off, as it got dark by about the time I turned around. I happened upon sawmill trail while taking Mississauga Road home. It was full of fireflies! All I could do was to take it in.

Marianne O from Dromore said I was looking out my bedroom window and saw a Bald Eagle coming out of our forest and cruising over our pasture.

Callum M from Milton sighted a Bald Eagle in Glen Eden ... we were skiing in a few days ago (mid-January 2022) and I noticed a large bird of prey flying above us as we went up the chair lift. Immediately I could tell it was a bald eagle from the white tail and head and was shocked, grabbing my partner and saying "Look! Its an Eagle!". We both sat shocked watching this fantastic beast soar above us and followed it until it landed off in the distance on a tree on the escarpment. Then lo and behold a few days later, we spotted an eagle again at the same spot! Having never seen one in the wild we were both astounded by the sighting.

David G from Angus, Ontario said ... I saw a Bald Eagle flying over the Canadian Forces Base Borden golf course this morning, January 2022. I was driving at the time and couldn’t take photos.

Paul from Clayton, Ontario wrote ... June 26 2022 We have a single bird perched in a large pine tree near a beaver pond on the Indian River about 6 km west of Clayton, Ontario. He has been there for some time (at least 10 minutes now) and he is simply scanning the territory.
Absolutely wonderful, wish we had a better camera!!!

April 25th 2022 Theresa W from Burlington wrote ... We are amazed that after sighting a pair of Bald Eagles in our area the past two years they have decided to build a nest in the ravine bordering Brontë Creek in front of our house. Beautiful birds and it is awe inspiring to watch their graceful flight. We are hoping that they will be successful in producing offspring.

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