Bald Eagles around the province

by Alex (the Bird-Man), Maria, Liz, Tom, Pete, Laura, John, Marc
(Brantford, London, Barrie, Mount Albert, Stoney Lake, Port Dover, Charleston Lake, Cambridge, Huntsville, Fergus)

Alex from Brantford wrote to say ..... Over the past two years I have had four sightings. The first was in Ohsweken on the Six Nations reserve last February. He was flying overhead above the Red Indian gas station. There was also an article in their newspaper of one sitting in the middle of the road! It means a lot to the Native People to see them, as they are a part of their culture. The next two were early this year, one flying quickly over a field by my house (I ironically live in Eagle Place) and the next was soaring over a bend in the Grand River by Cockshutt bridge not long after that. The final sighting was about a week ago, it was a juvenile (no white) and we saw him in a tree on the outskirts of west Brant. My father in law also sees them when he is fishing on the Grand River and they are also seen at the dump scavenging with the Tturkey Vultures and gulls. Turkey Vultures and Red Tail Hawks are common here and I always double take in disbelief of the Eagles.

Maria from London wrote to say ..... After a silly argument with my brother over which Eagles have been spotted in London, I finally did my own quick Google search and found this site. For the past two years my family and I have been noticing this Eagle in our area of the city (East London, Ontario - right behind Clarke Road school). I have a cat so whenever I let him out on a leash (I know hilarious) I have to stay out with him, my father says the Eagle will come and snatch him up (seems unlikely to me). Last week as I was biking home from work, right around the corner from Clarke Road, down Wavell Street, I looked up into the sky and noticed not only one but two, what I believe to be Bald Eagles (or Golden Eagles). They were circling over the trees. I wasn't sure if they were Eagles right away but as I drew closer to being under them, it was obvious. They have a great wing span and the same shape beak as Eagles. Immediately I wanted to report these Eagles to some environment/species conservation type thing in London, but can't seem to find anything. If anyone can pass this sighting along to the right people, I'd appreciate it.

Liz Crosbie from Barrie, Ontario, wrote to report ..... I saw a juvenile Eagle between Tottenham and Beeton on Friday April 24 2015, in a ditch as I was driving by at around 7-7:30 am. I started to pull over to see if it was okay then watched it fly to the trees above it.
It was a wonderful sight to see!

Tom O'Malley, from Mount Albert, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... Just spotted a lone Bald Eagle circling Blue Mountain ski resort. The crows in the area were certainly very excited. Fabulous bird, glad to see them coming back! This was March 08, 2015.

Pete S from Stoney Lake, Ontario said ..... I saw a Bald Eagle soaring above Stoney Lake near Hurricane Bend. It was being followed by two seagulls, it rolled onto it's back, showed its talons and continued on. The seagulls flew in the other direction. Beautiful sight to see.

Laura wrote about her Eagle sighting in Port Dover, Ontario ..... My family and I went fishing in Port Dover today and saw two Bald Eagles. One was at their nest and the other was swooping down in front of our boat catching fish. It was truely amazing to witness this. It was on the shore roughly two miles away from the Port Dover harbour in a very tall tree on property that looks to be being torn down to build .

John wrote to tell us about his Bald Eagle sighting at Charleston Lake, Ontario ..... Just about sunset on July 4, 2015, I saw a young Bald Eagle in Eastern Waters near Painted Rocks, launch from a tree on the shoreline, make a tight turn, and catch what appeared to be a small perch. Beautiful.

One of our readers said - I was driving along Hespeler Road between Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario. I saw an Eagle perched on top of a hydro tower. I wasn't able to get a picture though.

In March, Marc from Mississauga wrote to ask ..... Bald eagle seen flying over hwy 11 just south of Huntsville. Is this possible? My wife and I both looked up and there was a Bald Eagle right above our car.

One of our readers wrote ..... Was up camping on Lake Belwood, July 11, 2015, just outside of Fergus, Ontario and saw a Bald Eagle flying overhead being harassed by a crow. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't know Bald Eagles were in southern Ontario. What a treat.

Yes, Marc and Maria, what you saw likely were Bald Eagles.

They are not uncommon in the Huntsville area, and I have seen them several times flying over London, Ontario - once at the Cherry Hill Mall, and another time on the bank of the Thames River on Wonderland Road.

They are nesting at Fanshawe Park, London, which isn't far from Clarke Road. I also see them close to St Thomas as there is a pair nesting on the north side of town.

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