Bald Eagles around Ontario

by Mike McKee, Ian Povey, Olga
(Mississauga, Brampton, Waterloo, Ingersoll)

Mike McKee of Mississauga recently wrote to tell us about his Eagle sighting on Lake Cecebe, outside Burks Falls, he said ... I was working outside at the cottage doing some fall clean up in early October 2013. I heard crows making a fuss and as I looked up to see what the fuss was they were going after another bird which I realized was a Bald Eagle. It soared above me for a few minutes then flew off with the crows in chase. Was definitely a first for me in that area.

Ian from Brampton, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... I was outside in my backyard and saw a beautiful sighting of a Bald headed Eagle flying overhead! It was snowing and the eagle soared gracefully above me, what a thrill!

Olga from Waterloo, Ontario, wrote to tell us of her recent Bald Eagle sighting, she said ... I spotted a Bald Eagle at Snyder's Flats on November 17, 2013. On Nov 24 I spotted a pair at the same location.

A reader recently wrote to tell us about a Bald Eagle Sighting south of Ingersoll, he said ... I went biking this evening down Mt. Elgin Road west of Culloden Road. On the way back I saw a Bald Eagle eating a dead raccoon and he stayed there until I came up pretty close. Then he flew into a nearby tree and as he flew I could see his very white tail spread out. There was no mistaking it!

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Bald Eagle on the Thames
by: mike

I have just seen a Bald Eagle on February 4th 2014 flying around the Thames River in Ingersoll, Ontario, being mobbed by black crows.

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