Bald Eagles across Southern Ontario

by Brad, Chad, Paul, Chris, Rod, C Van
(Georgetown, Kitchener, Oakville, Simcoe, St Thomas, St Catharines)


Brad from Georgetown wrote to say ..... On my way to school today on Winston Churchill in front of Maple Lodge Farms, I was lucky to see a Bald Eagle flying overhead. It was HUGE! I've never seen one in southern Ontario before, let alone heard of them in Georgetown. It was an honour. It must be this cold weather that is confusing them or something.

Chad from Kitchener wrote to tell us about the Eagles he has seen while snowmobiling ..... The first I saw was at Conestogo Lake about 3 years ago, and this year I have seen one near Hanover, Ontario, one near Plattsville and once again Conestogo Lake. Also while driving I saw one at Chesney Conservation Area near Innerkip.

Paul from Oakville tells us ..... Walking across a field on the Appleby College campus, a Bald Eagle flew overhead about 100 feet in the air with a "catch" of something.

Chris from Simcoe says ..... I was leaving work and saw a Bald Eagle fly up from the river and sit in a tree eating what looked to be a fish. It was right near the Caledonia Bridge along the walking trail there. What an amazing sight to see that!!

A reader from St Catharines wrote to say .....One adult flying over grape field on First Ave towards Shorthills.

Rod from St Thomas told us ..... A single Bald Eagle spotted by the river at highway 3 just west of first Avenue, St Thomas.

C Van wrote to say ..... January 17, 2014, I was driving at 3:45 on Hwy 24, Trafalgar, south of railway and Hwy 7, west of Georgetown. I watched an Eagle in flight looking down. Unmistakably an Eagle, so has someone lost a captive bird?

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