Bald Eagles across Southern Ontario

by Our readers Loretta, Gwen, Tor, Tammy
(Orillia, Wyoming, Erin, Ottawa, Kingsville )

Says Loretta from Orillia, Ontario - March 4th, 2013 at approximately 1:30 pm I noticed a large bird soaring over Memorial. Just passing the TSC I looked up and yelled to my passenger.. "OMG it's a Bald Eagle".

It had a large wing span and clear white head. BEAUTIFUL, my first sighting.

Gwen, from Wyoming, Ontario tells us about her Eagle sighting in the Petrolia, Ontario, area.
February 24, 2013 .....We spotted a pair of Eagles sitting in a tree top about 100 feet from from the bridge at Bear Creek just outside of Petrolia on Highway 21. Unfortunately we did not have our camera with us, so went home to Wyoming, to get it and when we came back they were gone.

Tor Windelov, from Erin, Ontario, sighted a Bald Eagle in Caledon on February 25 2013 - Driving north on Mississauga Road at about 4pm, I spotted a Bald Eagle eating prey or carrion in the farmers field north east of Mississauga Road and the Credit River.
A crow was sitting back about 20 yards away waiting for the left overs.

Another of our readers from Ottawa submitted their Bald Eagle sighting on February 23 2013 - Centennial Lake, near Black Donald Lake - spotted two Bald Eagles on the ice of Centennial lake and followed them with my skidoo before they took off.
One was carrying the vertebra of a animal that they had found. As they took off I followed one of them and managed to get underneath it as it was in the air about 30 feet or more.....WOW what a beautiful bird!

A reader from Parkhill area, says - I spotted a Bald Eagle sitting in a field working on a carcass along highway 81, south of Parkhill, Ontario, the first week of February 2013. I also saw one soaring along Nairn Road southeast of Parkhill last year. So exciting to see them, and many birds of prey recently that were extremely rare in this area when I was a kid.

I was parked at the Kingsville dock waiting for my husband to arrive from his fishing trip, I got outta of the truck to walk around, when I heard a loud bird calling. I knew it was not a seagull, and I looked up to see the Amazing Bald Eagle. She was very low and must have been looking for fish, as there are always fish that die off in this harbour. Such grace and Beauty! I'll never forget that day!

Thank you all for telling us about your Bald Eagle sightings - I'm sure you will encourage others to look upwards and see what is flying around them!

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Near Erin NEW
by: Anonymous

Spoted bald eagle near Erin. Not far from Guelph. Was shocked. Did not realize they were anywhere near this area in ontario

by: Miro

Always nice to see those magnificent birds.

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