Bald Eagle

by Lori
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle in Flight, showing white head and tail

Bald Eagle in Flight, showing white head and tail

While driving home this afternoon just west of Barrie, Ontario, I spotted a large bird in flight. Upon taking a closer look I saw the "white head" and just about drove off the road when I realized exactly what kind of bird I was looking at.

I'm glad to see such a beautiful bird trying to make a comeback :)

Thanks Lori, for telling us about your Bald Eagle sighting! I hope you like the picture of a Bald Eagle we found.

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Great sighting
by: Anonymous

December 14 2013 - Three Bald Eagles on north shore Kempenfelt Bay (Lake Simcoe, near Barrie, Ontario). Two roaming adults and what seemed like a juvenile bird who just sat in the tree for about 5 hours.

Saw one today!
by: Mark

Just spotted a large adult Bald Eagle at Highway 400 & McKay in Barrie, driving home from cottage. It was incredible!

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