Bald Eagle & White Swans on Victoria Side Road

by Barbara Armstrong
(London, Ontario, Canada)

This morning at 9:30 am, I saw a Bald Eagle on Old Victoria Side Road, sitting in a tree at the side of the road.

I took two pictures with my cell phone but have no idea how to download them, sorry. It flew over me, landed in the field and then took off out of my sight.

Wow, it really was a nice sight. I had been watching the snow geese or white swans flying all around me and then took a triple take to believe my eyes at seeing an Eagle.

The exact location is just north of Westminster Drive, or south of Dingman Drive. Old Vic road is one road east of Highbury Ave.

The Tree is on the east side, just by the curve in the road.

Has anyone else seen the Eagle around? The swans are in a pond in the middle of a field (where they stop each year) on the north side of Westminster Drive, in between Old Vic and Highbury Ave.

Thanks Barbara, for your report.

I travel all around the London / St Thomas area, and will keep my eyes open for them in that vicinity.

I have seen them at the Guy Lombardo bridge on Wonderland Road, and also in Komoka, and once saw a pair flying very high over Cherry Hill Mall on Oxford Street, London!

I have also spotted Bald Eagles around the Tillsonburg area several times, and down by Port Burwell, and my latest sighting was last Friday, March 9th, when I saw one gliding over trees on the north side of highway 401 just outside Shedden, Ontario.

They are here and seem to be doing well in this area!

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White Tundra Swans 2013
by: Barbara Armstrong

VERY happy to see the Swans are back! Happy Happy Happy spring 2013!

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