Bald Eagle Spotted in Teeswater Ontario

by Leslie Stanley
(Teeswater, Ontario, Canada)

I had the wonderful privilege of spotting a Bald Eagle enjoying fresh road kill on the side of Concession 2 in Teeswater, Ontario.

I was stunned and overjoyed to see such a majestic bird. This encounter took place yesterday 24/09/12 at 1:00pm in the afternoon....

We quickly turned our car around to try to get a picture but our shy friend flew to the protection of the closest bushline and refused to move from his perch.

Wow, is all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Stanley

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Bald Eagle by Tlbury Ontario
by: Anonymous

Was driving on highway 2 going past Tilbury, when I saw two birds on the road eating a dead animal.

From a distance I saw one was a crow and thought the other was a Turkey Buzzard, until I was driving by and saw it was a Bald Eagle.

I must say I was very excited, I had no idea we had Eagles in South Western Ontario.

I thought maybe it had escaped from a local zoo. I have never seen one in the wild.

I googled and found out Eagles are in SW Ontario.

It was amazing!

Oct 28 2012

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