Bald Eagle sightings

by Craig, Randy, Wade, Gary D, Amber, Adrienne
(Milton, Kingston, Lyons, Scotland, Edenvale, Burlington)

Bald Eagle in flight

Bald Eagle in flight

Craig from Milton, Ontario, wrote ... I was traveling on the 407 just south of Britannia Road. I'm thinking in the same location as an earlier post. I spotted two large birds with dark bodies and very white heads standing in the shallows of the water there. The birds were very close to one another. I can only conclude they were a pair of Bald Eagles. My hope is that they are a mated pair and we'll have baby eagles soon in the area.

Randy from Kingston said ... My parents were bird watchers when I was young, so I developed an appreciation for them. Since becoming an adult I have noticed birds in my geographic area that weren't here 40 years ago. Turkey Vultures being one of them. I was coming back to Kingston on highway 33. I took the Glenora Ferry over from Picton. I was driving east and the Hydro plant was only a few hundred meters in front of me when something caught the corner of my eye. I turned to my left to look over the field I was driving beside, when I saw coming directly towards me, about 100 feet up, A BALD EAGLE. Now, keep in mind I have only seen 100's of pictures, but The incredibly white hood, the bright Yellow Beak and its immense wing span... there was no doubt right then and there, I was seeing my first Bald Eagle. I was giddy. I take this route regularly, and you can bet I will be stopping and looking many more times until I see him majestic and powerful looking, simply beautiful!

Wade from Lyons, Ontario, wrote ... My wife and I where driving home around 5:00 pm from an early dinner in St Thomas on St Patties day and this giant bird swooped in over our car and landed in the field right beside the road. I said to her "That was a Bald Eagle". I stopped the car and backed up and sure enough there it was standing in a winter wheat field, it looked at us for about 20 seconds and flew off to the west and landed on the top branch of a big maple tree and we just drove away. I couldn't believe how big it was and how lucky we were to see it.

Gary D from Scotland, Ontario, said ... Several of us were snowmobiling in February south of Welsh, Ontario and north of Turkey Point, when we entered a narrow sheltered field lined with hardwoods. To our surprise as we crested a small hill there were three mature Bald Eagles tearing away at a three quarters intact deer carcass. Sadly the snowmobile trail ran within 50 ft. of the fallen deer and therefore we displaced the eagles to the surrounding canopy with our presence. The lure of the scene was captivating and we couldn't help ourselves from stopping to marvel in the harsh reality of nature's beauties. Sadly by the time we thought of taking pictures the eagles decided there were quieter perches to roost on than under the prying eyes of us four. I personally have seen many convocations of Bald Eagles when I lived on Queen Charlotte Island, but this is my first here in Southern Ontario....thumbs up to wildlife management! The day before in roughly the same county my wife and I saw a solitary Bald Eagle perched in a tree top with a cast of hawks (a good 25 hawks).

Amber wrote ... Driving eastbound on Hwy 26, east of Edenvale, I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying east through snowy skies.

Adrienne from Burlington said ... at 11:15am I had a Bald Eagle sighting at the lake at Lasalle Park in Burlington, Ontario.

Thank you for submitting these Bald Eagle sightings, I'm sure our readers will find them interesting.

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