Bald Eagle sightings around Southern Ontario

by Sue Conway, Louise Fowler, Louis, Leon Kushner, Tim, Larry, Jeff M
(Mississauga, Selkirk, Burlington, Toronto, Jordan, London, Verona)

Sue Conway from Mississauga wrote ... today, Tuesday October 2nd, on the first line just south of Britannia on the East side. Magnificent.

Louise Fowler from Selkirk wrote to say ... my husband called me over to see a big turkey vulture on the beach, as soon as I saw it I knew it was a Bald Eagle. I looked at it through the binoculars to get a better look, what a beautiful huge bird. I managed to get a picture of it, but it seemed to be watching me, and shortly thereafter it took flight and soared away. What a great start to Labour Day weekend!

Louis from Burlington wrote ... September 23, around 3:30 pm I just saw an enormous Eagle, and it seemed to me like Bald one, fighting it's way through strong wind above Brant Street, just a two blocks from Lakeshore. Not an expert but I'm pretty sure it was Eagle, and absolutely sure it had white head. Not a moment catcher with photos, so didn't pull out my phone. I rather just admired it, sorry about that.

Leon Kushner from Toronto wrote to report ... On a beautiful hike thru a conservation area just west of Dufferin, north of Teston that is barely travelled, on a recent Sunday we spotted a large Bald Eagle. We hiked thru the bush and then south into the golf course and from there into the former dump. From a distance of well over a 100 yards I saw this thing high up on a tree which looked like a large bird but I thought that it was too large to be a one at first. As we got closer I pointed to it and showed my friend. A few seconds later it flew off. My friend sees eagles fairly often at a cottage that he rents about 3.5 hours NE of Toronto. I've seen a few as well. It was massive and it had a white head. It's wing span had to be about 6 ft. I often see Red Tailed Hawks and this was definitely not one. It was too bad that we didn't have a chance to take a picture. I guess there is a reason they call the golf course Eagles Nest!

In February Tim from Jordan wrote to say ... I saw a Bald Eagle soaring over 4th Avenue and Eleventh Street this afternoon.

Larry from South East London, Ontario, wrote to report ... we live along the Thames river south east and we have been seeing eagles here for about 25 years. There are at least 3 right now I figure 2 adults and 1 young one since there is a smaller one they fly along the river and sit in trees almost the same time every day, morning and afternoon. Once a pair was eyeing up our small dog. We see them dive into the water to catch fish. My first sighting was about 24 years ago just up in a tree in our yard could not believe it. We also have owls and Red Tail Hawks along with Osprey, its quite amazing. But of course with new subdivisions going in we expect the sightings to slow die off. Sad.

In March Jeff M from Verona, wrote to tell us ... Sitting outside enjoying some spring weather and saw just one soaring above me. I live on a small lake near Verona, Ontario. Did not think they were around this area, but it was huge and had a full white head and tail. That is why I am on this site. To see if Bald Eagles were a possibility in this area. I had seen others last year, but just thought I was seeing things. At least now I know I am not seeing things. Thanks.

Thank you all so much for sending us this information about Bald Eagles in your area of Ontario, I'm sure our readers will enjoy these reports.

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