Bald Eagle Sighting

by Sarah MacLellan
(Oakhill Drive in Brantford, Ontario, Canada)


WOW!!! I just saw a Bald Eagle in the West end of Brantford, Ontario.

I live right across from the Grand River and was actually watching a cardinal this morning as everything is blanketed in beautiful white snow & the sight of the deep red colour of the cardinals wings against it was absolutely gorgeous.

As I momentarily lost sight of him behind some trees, I was drawn to the sky where I noticed an unbelievably large bird swooping down over the river & then up over the tall trees that are nestled along the rivers shores.

Unsurprisingly, the first thought that came to my mind was 'I wonder if that's an eagle?'. Then logically I remembered that in school I had learned years ago that we no longer have the Bald Eagle species here in Canada.

Then as the bird flew right over me I knew for sure what I had just seen was a Bald Eagle, the white head & white tail were so distinct there was no denying that it was anything else.

I thought 'Wow, no one is going to ever believe I just saw a Bald Eagle'.

I quickly rushed back inside to call my Dad who only lives a few blocks away.

I was hoping that if he made it outside fast enough he would also be able to see it. Of course, no answer there.

Curiously I jumped on Google to find out how far North the Bald Eagles have been known to fly and to my amazement, they are here in Canada & not too far from my city there was a nest found not to long ago.

I was happy to know that the bird coming back to Canada is a sign that our environment is getting cleaner.

So, I have to say that without a doubt my magnificent sighting of such a majestic bird has definitely made my week.

Although, that beautiful red Cardinal sighting wasn't too bad either.

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Cottage Farms Sighting
by: Ceredwyn

7:30 am I looked out our front window overlooking the St. Lawrence and there was a Bald Eagle perched high up over the river - unmistakable large white head and tail - it stayed for about 30 minutes.

Bald Eagle Sighting
by: Alexis

Wow how exciting for you.

I saw three around Jackson's Point and two at Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby.

They will remain until the body of water they fish from freezes over.

Nothing more stunning than a beautiful red male Cardinal in the snow.

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