Bald Eagle sighting on White Lake - North of Lakefield

by Isabelle Dixon
(White Lake, just north of Lakefield, Ontario)

Oh Oh - there goes dinner!

Oh Oh - there goes dinner!

Today, May 5 2010, my husband and I had just finished having lunch on the deck, and Doug said "Oh look there's the Osprey flying in our direction!" and as he got closer, I realized it was a Bald Eagle!

I was so excited to see it and then it dove into the lake and caught a huge bass and proceeded to fly over us.

In the meantime, I ran inside for the camera and started taking pictures. Just as he was flying over, he dropped his fish and it landed with a big thud on our lawn!

Unfortunately, it's not the best quality picture but still exciting for us.

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Flying Eagle missing lunch
by: Jane Watson

Awesome pictures Izzhy, you really missed your calling - you should be working for National Geographic as a Nature photographer!

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