Bald Eagle sighting near St. Marys, Ontario

by Laurie
(Embro, Ontario, Canada)

We were driving just outside of St Marys, south of Highway 7, when we spotted something we had never seen before perched on the side of the road.

I am a bird lover and as we got closer, I realized it was a Bald Eagle.

I slammed on the brakes and my daughter jumped out to take a photo, but it flew off quicker than she could capture the picture.

What an incredible sight! I thought we were seeing things as I didn't know they were in the area. I told the kids what an unbelievable thing they had just experienced.

It was on Sunday, April 14th 2013. Just breathtaking!

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By the Falls
by: Beth

On Tues May 19 2020, An eagle perched on a tree on the Flats side of the Thames. Because of where the sun was at the time, it was difficult to confirm but I thought from the silhouette that it looked like a bald eagle. It took off after about 3 minutes and circled around the Falls, close enough to where I was standing to identify the white head and tail feathers. It landed in trees across the river only to come back to the perch, and circle around every 10 minutes or so. There were three or four smaller bird harassing it every time it landed, but I'm not sure what kind of bird the smaller ones were.

Bald Eagle sighting
by: Kevin & Rebecca

Bald Eagle sighted on Sunday June 4th, 2017 flying along the river and over the Queen Street bridge in St. Marys, Ontario.

Bald Eagle
by: Laura

I was driving over the Wildwood Bridge when a Bald Eagle flew right over my car. It was so close I could see it's belly. Remarkable. I didn't know they were here until that day. I won't forget it!

Two Bald Eagles
by: Anonymous

I was kayaking on Wildwood Conservation Area and saw 2 Bald Eagles in a tree on waters edge. Got on my go pro but I was too far away to have a decent video of them, this was July 2015.

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