Bald Eagle Sighting - Komoka Area

by JH
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle in flight, London, Ontario

Bald Eagle in flight, London, Ontario

While out fishing this morning (Sept 11, 2010) we saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead. We were fishing the Thames River under the bridge by Komoka Road and Gideon Drive (near the Delaware Speedway).

Thanks for your report JH - I added a picture of a Bald Eagle - I have seen them along the banks of the Thames River, not far from Komoka. They sure do look beautiful to see them in the wild, don't they?

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My first Bald Eagle
by: Greg

I spotted my first Bald Eagle this morning, just about 12 km southeast of Drayton, Ontario, on a county road about 7:30 am. Sept 18/2010.

Yesterday a road kill Raccoon was being attended to by a dozen Turkey Vultures, but today there was only one bird as I approached in my car.

As I got closer the bird spooked and took off. I noticed the white head & tail feathers as he took off away from me, circled in the farmers field & landed further down another field into a tree.

I was very excited at my good fortune.

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